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Sewer & Septic 

We service sewer lines & septic tanks for commercial & residential properties located in Chattanooga, TN & North Georgia. Don't let your sewer or septic issue get any worse - call us for an estimate today! 

Sewer Services

Cracked sewer pipes can be more than just a costly repair - they can result in extensive and pricey property damage and lead to serious health risks. Sewer line repair is the first line of defense but if they cannot be repaired, replacement is the only option. Luckily, DownRight Plumbing is your local source for quality sewer repair and replacement in Chattanooga, TN. 

Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage:

-Poor maintenance

-Buildup of hair, debris, grease, toilet paper, etc.

-Tree root infiltration

-General aging

-Poor sewer pipe layout or installation

DownRight Plumbing is capable of assessing your sewer pipe cracks and damage, and will take extensive measures to avoid replacement of sewer lines. While your property and system may be unique, there are some basic issues we can address.

Broken Sewer Line Solutions:

-Pipe relining: this method will give you new pipes from the inside out.

-Burst pipe hydraulic replacement: if your sewer pipe is too damaged we may need to use hydraulics to further break apart your old pipe while seamlessly replacing it with a new one.

-Preventative pipe maintenance: it is important to help prevent sewer line damage with regular inspections and cleaning services.

Sewer Line Replacement:

When repair is not possible, we take the time to explain your options, review the problem, and show you exactly how we are going to fix it. You can trust us to meet your needs and not oversell you on necessary products during the process. Don't wait any longer to call our team of experts at DownRight Plumbing!


Septic System Services

A septic system that isn't right for your home can cause headaches and expensive repairs down the road. With DownRight Plumbing, our technicians can help you choose a septic system that can capably handle all the demands of your home. 

We not only install septic systems, we are also capable of preforming the proper maintenance needed to keep your system running smoothly. You can rest easy knowing you trusted the Downright Plumbing experts to take care of your system for life! 

A healthy septic system is clean and flows smoothly, undetected by homeowners and neighbors alike. It is generally good for a septic system to undergo a septic pumping service every three to five years, and DownRight Plumbing will always have you covered!

Residential Sewer Line
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